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Nick & Stacy Greer

Nick and Stacy have decades of combined experience; both have been athletes since a very young age and have continued their journeys in the fitness world for years. Both have several certifications, including specialized certifications. They have been working together for over ten years and, in the process, got married and started a family together. They continue to gear their lives toward health and fitness. Nick was a junior Olympic swimmer, a star varsity football player, a men’s physique bodybuilder, and more. Stacy has played a variety of sports and was a competitive dancer, dance teacher, and women’s figure and physique bodybuilder, coming in first place in the Colorado State Bodybuilding Competition.Together, they have a passion for helping people achieve their goals and become both physically and mentally fit. They continue their education and strive to be the best they can be each day for their clients and their family, and they have been learning and growing together for the past decade, from personal training to bootcamps to group classes, coaches, nutrition sessions, and more. You won’t find a better duo in the industry to take care of your health goals. They met over the saying “go big or go home” and haven’t stopped since! They now reside in Southwest Florida, are transplants from Colorado, and have four kids, two pups, and a business.

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